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About Us

     My Test Shoot became an idea 4 years ago when it seemed the industry was on a who you know basis network for testing. My Test Shoot organizes talents and artists to connect with other reputable individuals, create photoshoots, manage photoshoots, find photoshoots and collaborate on future projects.


     What is a test shoot? A test shoot is the collaboration of other talents and artists, photographers, wardrobe stylists, hair & makeup artists, models, even interior stylists, “testing” out new ideas with an end product of an image that the whole team will use for their books, or a portfolio. Typically when you test, there is no money exchanged, the end reward is an image or video to be used for your book so you may get that next job or inspire another talent or artist to collaborate for a future project.


      It can be difficult to find a reputable team to create a test shoot with. Since it is important to have test shoots often, My Test Shoot is a tool to connect with talent and artist to create. these projects and show off your work.


     Always be safe, always say something and keep creating!



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